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Who We Are

We are a Credit Repair company that is bonded and registered with the Secretary of State of Texas. We put clients before profits and our success is not defined by the number of clients we obtain month to month but by the level of service that we provide our clients.
We have the expertise to help our clients to build up & correct their credit ratings. Our goal is to provide our client’s desired results, and we place our customers in the highest priority. We believe that having good credit is an extremely important course in a successful life, and we are always glad to extend our services in order to improve an individual’s quality of life.

BrightStar Credit Consulting Head Office is loacted at:

                 3571  Far West Blvd. #221 Austin, Texas 7873


Sign up for a free consultation. During this time, we will look at your individual situation and tell you what services we offer that will benefit you the most. We will also answer any questions you may have.
After your free consultation, you can sign up for our services. Once you are comfortable and ready, we will move forward by working with you to identify inaccurate information on your credit report that needs to be disputed and removed. Our goal is to go through the credit report line-by-line and make sure every error is caught so it can be handled properly.
During this phase, we contact credit bureaus and start the dispute process. Using our experience in credit advising, we fight to make sure every false piece of information is removed. We will work with each credit bureau to make sure no matter where your report is pulled from, it is accurate. We will keep in contact with you and hear from us as changes are made. In addition, you should also receive correspondence directly from the credit bureaus as they make changes to your report. Keep these for future reference.

The last step is to sit back and watch your credit score increase. You will see incorrect information fall off of your reports and your credit score will change for the better. Even after the disputes are settled, we want to stay by your side to make sure your credit is built strong for life.